About Pre-Existing Condition

A patient’s medical records are private information, available only to the patient and his physician. What if someone could tap into these records for monetary gain?

In most cities public information exists on medical conditions of individual patients.  While the data is hidden in secured computer banks, is it really safe?  A Pre-existing Condition asks this question and describes how it can be used for a nefarious purpose.  Dr. Benjamin Dailey discovers a plot to indentify certain patients and must stop it before the criminals who invaded the data banks get away with murder.

Book 1: The Police Surgeon, A Detective Ben Dailey, M.D. Mystery

About The Police Surgeon

Alone, destitute and living on his dilapidated boat after a devastating malpractice decision, Dr. Ben Dailey tries to earn money by doing an insurance examination for a friend. Unknown to him this job will lead him to a vicious killer, a beautiful woman, and the answer to the catastrophic change in his life.

Book 2: Sterile Justice, A Detective Ben Dailey, M.D. Mystery

About Sterile Justice

A patient has a blind trust that his or her healthcare provider is acting within the standard of care. What if that trust is violated in the pursuit of financial gain? The past comes back to haunt Dr. Ben Dailey when an unscrupulous doctor he knows from his residency dies from a common bacteria. As a result of a public confrontation with this doctor, he is accused of the death. To restore his name he must go into his past to find the source of the bacteria and the unscrupulous criminals who caused it.

Book 3: A Lethal Dose, A Detective Ben Dailey, M.D. Mystery

About a Lethal Dose

In an effort to help a friend, finds Dr. Ben Dailey and his pregnant girlfriend facing death. To save their baby’s life, he must find a ruthless killer and, in the process, solve a twenty-year-old murder.

Book 4: The Cruelest Cut, A Detective Ben Dailey, M.D. Mystery

About The Cruelest Cut

What causes someone to be a serial killer? Is it the result of a childhood of neglect? Is it a perverse desire to destroy someone who is an imaginary threat? Or is it the twisted machination of a psychopath? These are the questions that Dr. Benjamin Dailey has to answer to solve a heinous crime.